My own cross ring, and it costs just $2.00 from a random online shop \:D/
First attempt from InstaPhoto for Blackberry. I don’t own an iPhone or any iOS devices so… I’m using this. Yay! 
Pixelated Me. Done With Photoshop CS5
My new hair piece :) I have the one with dots too. 
Ten Things

Ten things about myself :
1. I rather stay at home on the weekend instead going out.
2. I love to cook! When I got home from my boarding house, I always cook my own meal.
3. I’m addicted to cross accesorries but I hate it when someone uses backward.
4. I use backpacks to college, because of the convenience. I’m tired using cute sling bags while I always carry dozen things.
5. I rarely come late to classes, unless I want to be late. I’m too on time for something like that.
6. Loving all the spicy foods! I can’t resist anything spicy.
7. Even though I’m majoring computer science, I hate to make the programming codes!
8. I collect glasses. The geek glasses. I have 5 until now, and plan to get another ones..
9. I easily memorize lyrics.
10. Watching korean tv show, Running Man is my biggest guilty pleasure (because I always disliking korean :p)

Nine favorite songs (this one is very hard, and this is only at the moment) :
1. Hurricane - Panic at the disco
2. Awooga - Calvin Harris
3. Rolling In The Deep - John Legend Cover
4. Crave You - Flight Facilities
5. Macchu Picchu - The Strokes
6. Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon
7. Cigarettes In The Theatre - Two Door Cinema Club
8. Cinema - Benny Bennasi (Skrillex Remix)
9. Green Eyes - Coldplay

Eights things you like/love :
1. Lomo cameras
2. Shoes, shoes, shoes!
3. White coloured gadgets
4. Starbucks
6. Geeky glasses
7. Good Foods
8. Vodka

Seven people you’re glad you have in your life :
1. Mom and Dad
2. Galih
3. Victorya
4. Abimanyu (was, but I’m glad he was a part of my life)
5. Stefi
6. Yola
7. …Too many to write here! There are more than 7 

Six things you dislike :
1. Crocs sandal, they are like fashion suicide.
2. Baggy pants!
3. Lousy, and cheap music.
4. Tequilla, it tastes bad.
5. Apple products, not the quality, but the price $$$$
6. Slow computers! Errgh its driving me crazy.

Five things you wish to say to five different people right now :
1. I’m sorry.
2. I love you and I miss you. But just so you know, I forget to love myself when I love you. But I’m waiting for you, still. If you really love me, won’t you tell me? So I can go back loving myself.
3. I hate you, and your grades!
4. Snob.
5. Fuck you, I don’t care about everything you tweet, twat.

Four ways to win your heart :
1. Be smart, and tall, and handsome please ;)
2. Be kind and attentive.
3. At least, don’t wear crocs. I like boys with syle.
4. Loving me for who I am, sincerely and never lie to me.

Three things you most likely never forget :
1. Whole 2009! Please take me back.
2. High School moments.
3. Got a scholarship :’)

Two things you do everday :
1. Spending time in front of the laptop.
2. Thinking about….

One confession :
1. Love will find a way to bloom..

WEEE. I share my birthday with Prince William. So…. British always celebrating my birthday too. LOL
Hell-O Tumblr! 
Meet my Mr. Pinkie Pirate <3
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